Well here we are in March by 9 days. Who da thought what’s going on would be going on.

All those who thought 2020 was going to be dominated by buy the dreaded #brexit couldn’t have predicted this one. the whole world is being dominated by coronavirus #COVID19

COVID19 is not the bizarre part of the story. The bizarre and baffling part of the story is is people stockpiling and bulk buying, bog paper. What is that all about???? I can understand the rush on hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap, to a certain degree but toilet rolls? I’m totally baffled by that. I’m also baffled why people think that you can only wash your hands with hand sanitising soap? Normal soap will suffice 🤣😂👍

Toilet rolls and coronavirus seem to have pushed all of the things off the news agenda. No more talk of Brexit. No more talk of HS2. No talk no mention, of any kind, about the floods? Floods, what #floods ?

Anyway it’s good to know that the Catholic church are taking the coronavirus seriously? The whole congregation washing their hands in cold water, with soap from a little joke shop & a jug of cold water. All recycling each other’s germs in a communal bowl. 🤣😂 still, they have the big guy upstairs on their side, so they should be ok.

Today will also mark the last day that his royal highness, Prince Harry and her royal highness Princess Meghan will perform any official royal duties. Then, they’ll get off the Canada where they will just be called Harry and Meghan. I wonder if they’re going to have a small holding in the Canadian outback, where Harry can grow spuds and Meghan can make bear skin sacks to store them in. Perhaps not, I guess the sussexroyal potato company own trademark. Perhaps you need to rethink that? I suppose they could stack the potatoes in egg trays and Megan could make little silver crowns for each one one. Royal #Sussexpotato gift sets 🤣😂🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

Got to be done!

Just back from the big finger appointment.

One up the rear channel. I was never going to be present but it is necessary. #menshealth #prostate got to take your health seriously. I don’t take much in life seriously. not saying that I’ll be in a rush to have it done again but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Right the quick and quite uncomfortable. I didn’t expect him to go that far up I thought he was going to flick my tonsils. Going to be walking like John Wayne for the rest of the day. 🤣😂🤣 Also got to have some blood tests for diabetes and a heap of other stuff! I’m a walking medical anomaly. So to all you #fellas out there don’t put off going to see your doctor.